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Our Response to COVID-19

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Beginning Monday, April 27th, the stay at home order shifts to “safer at home”. What does this mean for our business operations?

  • Exterior Painting & work will continue as it has, safely and maintaining a physical distance of 6′ with our customers.
  • Interior Painting & work will resume with the following conditions:
    • All crews and workers on the job site will be required to wear N95 masks or equivalent while on the job.
    • We would ask all people living in the house (residential) or operating within the property (commercial) to maintain at least 6′ of physical distance from all workers during the duration of the job.
    • If you have an interior bid you’ve accepted with us, but don’t feel comfortable having workers in the home, then please wait. We’d prefer you to feel safe and ready to do the work on your time.

*We are always watching for updates from government officials and the CDC/ WHO/etc. to maintain that we are operating responsibly as a business first and foremost. We will always strive to do what is right for our team members and customers, but especially during these times to help ensure we’re living our happiest, healthiest lives.

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