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Interior house painting can transform how your home feels inside. From bedrooms, kitchens and basements to hard to reach places in your bathrooms, Foyers and vaulted ceilings.

With over 10,000 homes painted, let us be one of your Free Bids!

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We offer interior painting services in Loveland from the basics of painting a few rooms up to the complexity of painting an entire home. Multiple colors and cutting crisp professional lines are our specialty.

Our Interior Painting Process:

  • Masking and covering any furniture, fixtures, carpet, trim, windows, etc. to prevent paint drips and spills.
  • Tape caulking of any color lines, breaks, or meeting-up of different colors. Tape caulking creates crisp, clean lines along walls and ceilings, base trim and door casings, or anywhere one color stops and another starts.
  • The application of 2 coats of paint are always required for interior painting, as industry standards suggest.
  • Removal and re-installation of wall plates (electrical, phone, light switches).
  • Filling of nail holes, cracks, or drywall imperfections.
  • Drywall repair and re-texturing.

Interior Stained Surfaces:

These surfaces include, but are not limited to, baseboards, doors, and door casings, windows and other interior trim. Over time, the original stain and lacquer coating becomes worn down. These areas will appear faded and dull compared to the original appearance. We are able to sand down, stain to match and re-varnish these surfaces to make them look new again.

Color Consulting:

Part of our estimating process is helping you to find the perfect colors. Our team of estimators can help you during your initial appointment regarding color combinations, accents and popular shades and hues. We also partner with Guiry’s, who offer color consultation in their Fort Collins location for free and if you are a customer of ours, you get (3) FREE samples of interior or exterior paint through Benjamin Moore. Lastly, if you are truly looking for more in depth design services, we have a few trusted interior designers in the area we could recommend you work with that come highly praised.
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