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Tips for Painting Ceilings

img_5955-copyOften referred to as the fifth wall, ceilings can add a whole new level of design possibilities. From coffers and beams to lighting and color possibilities, design-conscious homeowners are adding a special touch to certain rooms by paying special attention to the ceiling. Painting a ceiling, like painting anything, is the easiest and least expensive way of transforming it into something striking and beautiful. There are, however some aspects of painting a ceiling that should be adhered to in order to avoid design mistakes that will be glaringly obvious. The following are guidelines that we advise for painting your ceiling:

  • If you have wallpaper in the room, try to match the ceiling to a color in the background of the paper.
  • Unless you have very high ceilings do not paint them a darker color than the walls. A darker color on the ceiling often makes it appear much closer.
  •  Avoid painting the ceiling in just one room a different color. If you paint one ceiling and leave the rest of them white, it will disrupt your home’s flow.
  • Leave the ceiling white in rooms with a lot of white colors.
  • As a rule, ceilings look great when painted a lighter shade of the color in the room. This gives your home a continuous look.  In bathrooms and other smaller rooms, the ceiling could be painted the same color as the walls.
  • Dark colors can work beautifully within coffers and beams. Again, make sure that you’re not dealing with low ceilings.

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