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How We Roll - Our Approach

Our Approach To Painting

Before contacting us for an estimate, please read below:

When hiring a painting contractor, we know you will have many questions for us. Here are the main questions we are always asked: How is the quality of our work? What is the content of our character? How efficiently will we complete the work? What kind of reputation do we have in the community and industry? Most importantly, is it safe to work with us, with our founder and CEO, and our team at all levels and in all interactions? What kind of promise and guarantee do we deliver that we will actually follow through on all we promise to you and your business? The last and ultimate question is this: WHY would we hire you from the hundreds of painters in Northern Colorado; WHY are we different?

Before we answer these questions, please allow us to share an unfortunate truth surrounding them. The truth is these questions we receive are questions based in and stemming from fear. You are fearful you will be ripped off, fearful you will be treated poorly, fearful for your safety and comfort, and fearful we will not deliver what we promised to you.

This fear stems from the fact that the painting industry stinks! A lot of the stereotypes are true. That’s right, we said it. Over the 15 years that our founder and CEO, Matt Shoup has been in this industry, he shares with certainty this truth: In any industry that involves humans serving humans, things can go wrong. The painting industry tends to have a higher occurrence of “things going wrong” (code for humans messing up). There are many assumptions and conclusions of “WHY” this happens; however, there is only one important conclusion that matters.

The main conclusion is the problem does not lie in humans messing up. We are humans and screw up. The problem lies in humans not taking accountability for messing up and then making things more than right. We do not want to look bad, not be liked, lose face, or share a story about a train wreck (here is our founder speaking about this), in our business and in our life in general. What would you think if we shared these things?

We are different. You are not customers, you are humans. You are not a transaction or a number, you are a life we are here to make better. Many businesses have no idea what this means. We view our relationship with you and your family as us making humans lives better first and foremost. Customers, dollars and transactions are a direct result of how phenomenally we serve, inspire, and help you as people. While we value that, we will also promise that we are not perfect. If you are looking for perfect, look elsewhere. If you are okay to know we are 100% accountable for our actions, we would love to work with you.

That being said, we believe there is only one way humans must treat each other. The Golden Rule says “treat others the way you want to be treated”. We add, treat others the way they should be treated, with respect, positivity, a smile, dignity, and an ultimate care for their well being. As we do this, we absolutely know we might screw things up and if we do, we take ownership, accountability and responsibility and make it right.

We of course have thousands of A+, 5 star rated, ecstatic and happy customers, and a shiny marketing brochure to go with it. Truth being told, this shiny brochure of our best company foot forward is not where we will show who we really are and what we really stand for. You will really find this out when you click here to hear some not so fun company screw-ups. (or you may call it a train wreck story); including, but not limited to painting the wrong color, painting the wrong house and painting a baby.

Why do we share that with you? Because it is true, and it happened. We know you would rather hear what we did as a company in those situations rather than the thousands where everything went smoothly and everyone was happy with no hiccups, right? You want to know if this would have happened on your job, what we would have done about it, right? You know that our true character and values come out in our actions when the heat gets turned on and we are about to lose face, lose money, and lose reputation. You want to know what we will stand for and act on when it matters.

Bottom line, we are an open book, a transparent company, and here to answer any questions, concerns or curiosities you have. We are honored you would ask these questions and we are excited to answer them. Please view our FAQs page where we answer them.

Even better, if there is a question you do not see here for us to address, please send your question here.

After reading this, if you feel we are a company you would like to explore doing business with, please fill out the form on the service page that you are interested in.