How Cold Is Too Cold To Paint & Caulk Outside?

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How cold is too cold to paint outside?

This is an amazing question…

Now this completely depends on the temperatures rating on the paint itself. Most of the higher end paints paint manufacturers require temperatures above 35 degrees. With our experience in painting throughout Northern Colorado, we would add to ensure that the surface temperature be above 35 degrees for wood and 45 degrees for metal.

Keep in mind that the paint needs dry time, and the temp will need to be at least 35 degrees or higher for at least 2-3 hours after it is applied in order to dry.

So in effect, you need to start painting the exterior of your house as the temperature is rising and stop painting 2-3 hours before the temperature goes below 35.

Keep in mind though, that not all paints are rated to 35 degrees and you will have to read the back of the label for each manufacturers specs. Have a talk with your local painter if they are considering painting and caulking during the winter and are doing it outside the recommended range of the paint.

How Cold Is Too Cold For Calking Your House?

On another note… when you go to paint, more than likely you are going to be caulking as well. If you are working consistently around the 35-40 range and it doesn’t get much higher and you go to caulk around everything to seal it. The caulk will not have enough time to fully dry all the way through. And within a couple weeks, you will see cracks in all of your caulking because it froze and didn’t have enough time to dry completely.

So keep that in mind. We would recommend that the temperature be in the low to mid 40′s at least when caulking!